Supply Chain

When a business purchases product from its suppliers for inventory and not specifically to fulfill a customer’s PO, Worthy Lending offers supply chain financing for those purchases.

Many times, suppliers (especially those sending products to the U.S. from overseas) offer no terms thus payment must be made before the product is placed on the ship or leaves the suppliers shipping dock. This can drain cash and offer significant liquidity challenges.

How it works

With the Worthy Lending Supply Chain Financing process, borrowers can have up to 90 days to pay (in special cases longer) for product purchased from their suppliers without re-negotiating supplier-contracts. Worthy Lending will purchase the product from the supplier on behalf of its borrower and re-sell it only to the borrower with terms that, for the most part, are designed by the borrower itself. A borrower’s concerns about getting inventory shipped because payment is not available will no longer be an issue.

Supply Chain Financing strategies that are regularly used by the mega-retailers, distributors and “big box” stores are now available to modestly sized businesses.

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