South Florida’s Premier Asset Based Lenders

We are Worthy Lending.

We are the bridge from where you are to where you are going.

We are Worthy Lending.

We are asset based lenders who provide or arrange for loans of $500,000 to $5,000,000 to worthy borrowers – non-banked, well managed, growth companies.

Our loans are secured by a variety of assets including accounts receivable, inventory, and purchase orders. Based in South Florida, we provide loans to borrowers throughout the United States except California.
We make some direct loans but primarily participate with or provide financing to other asset based lenders who specialize in the several types of asset based financing.

Accounts Receivable Financing

In B2B sales, the seller of products or services provides payment terms to its customers by invoicing them for payment at a future point in time-30 days, 60 days, or perhaps 90 days. Accounts Receivable Funding turns invoices into cash and significantly reduces the gap in the time period between the sale, and the receipt of payment.

Inventory Financing

Companies quite often have a great deal of its capital tied up in its inventory. Although vital to the sales process for most businesses, inventory is a very “lazy” asset, in that it does not readily, or predictably or, in some cases, directly convert into working capital. This is where Worthy Lending can help.

Purchase Order Financing

If a business is in growth mode or receiving unusually large orders from its B2B customers, it will most likely be lacking in cash to pay their suppliers. Worthy Lending offers a financial product that will help the borrower to fulfill its Purchase Orders. This is accomplished by Worthy Lending promptly paying for the products followed by the supplier (or the borrower) delivering the same to its customer/account debtor.

Supply Chain Financing

When a business purchases product from its suppliers for inventory and not specifically to fulfill a customer’s PO, Worthy Lending offers financing for those purchases. With the Worthy Lending Supply Chain Finance process, borrowers can have up to 90 days to pay (in special cases longer) for product purchased from their suppliers without re-negotiating supplier-contracts.

Worthy Borrowers

A better lending solution. A better lending company. That’s Worthy.

Worthy has a unique approach and lending philosophy – we determine how we can help our borrowers meet their needs and goals. Unlike most asset based lenders, we will loan against several forms of assets – primarily accounts receivable and inventory. We will also help our borrowers use purchase orders to support financing even though purchase orders are not “assets”. We will also consider a supply chain financing facility which provides funds for our borrowers to acquire inventory to be sold to their customers eventually creating cash or accounts receivable. Whether you’re looking for small business lending, supply chain financing, or accounts receivable financing, Worthy Lending provides comprehensive lending solutions for borrowers across the United States (with the exception of California).

Worthy does not have a “cookie cutter” lending model.

We help our borrowers achieve their goals any way we can.